Global Groove Series

The Global Groove series was a groundbreaking dance music compilation - Centaur produced a monthly dance series with the Global Groove Guy (Brandon). Brandon toured the country meeting fans, working wiht DJs, and promoting Global Groove music. The art work for the first year was photographed by David Morgan, and it was (and is) provocative, beautiful, sexy and fun. The series took off and was a huge hit. DJs included Julian Marsh, Rob Davis (Sydney), Mark Anthony (Canada), Roland Belmares, David Knapp, Michael Hockett, and Warren Gluck.

The second year, Centaur launced a new Global Groove Guy and a new photographer with more amazing cover art and music. The year started with legendary DJ Susan Morabito, Tony Moran, Monty Q, Lydia Prim, Alex Lauterstein, Julian Marsh and David Knapp.

Global Groove then launched the largest gay Club Tour, taking the Global Groove sound to gay clubs across the country and drawing national attention. Major sponsors of the Global Groove Tour included Travelocity, UnderGear, Orbitz, AussieBum, Hilton, here!, Instinct Magazine, Genre, RSVP Vacations, DoubleTree Hotels, and more.

Global Groove also launched a clothing line with custom T-Shirts created by Twelve Inch Clothing, baseball caps, and a sleek black jacket. It also launched the trademarked catch phrase "Get your groove on!"

Sixteen years running and 37 volumes in the series, Global Groove is a must have for any dance music fan.  Now only $99 to buy the entire series. Get you groove on!