Popular Series

The Popular series was born out of the desire to have continuous dance remixes of Top 40 songs from major artists.  We call them pop songs with a gay dance beat. LOL

The Popular series features up and coming DJs from around the country and has helped to launch many careers. Popular launched with DJ Corey Craig (NYC), and followed with featured talent like DJ Grind (SF), DJ Pornstar (LA), DJ Phil DaBeatz (Chicago), DJ Vito Fun (Fire Island), DJ Chad Guidry (Houston), DJ Chris Griswold (Atlanta), DJ Bob Wolcott (Boston), DJ David B (Minneapolis-St. Paul), and DJ TonYYnoT (Fire Island).

Get all eleven (11) volumes in the Popular series. These songs are all still heard on the radio today, but you will love our exclusive new remixes, especially at 70% off!