Gay Days Series

Gay Days Orlando started over 20 years ago as a group of guys decided to meet at Disney World and enjoy a "gay" day at the theme park. Because they had only chatted online, the guys decided to wear red shirts, so it would be easier to find each other. The trend grew, perhaps in spite of "straight" boycotts of Disney, and since then over 150,000 LGBT consumers flock to Orlando the first week in June every year for GAY DAYS.

Centaur produced the first official GAY Days album in 2004. The album was the #1 Best Seller at the Virgin Megastore Orlando, and helped Centaur become the first gay company to become "open" selling directly with Virgin, Tower, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Sam Goody, Wherehouse, Borders, Spec*s Music and  Cocounts (now FYE). Up until then, the LGBT consumers mostly bought entertainment products (like music, movies and books) at LGBT stores in gay neighborhoods.

Centaur's music was a major contributor to LGBT gentrification!

There are 12 volumes in the best selling Gay Days series. Check them all out, especially at 50% off, you cannot afford not to own these pop and dance hits!