Membership Questions

What kind of deal am I getting with The Out Club?

A great deal! If you are ordering from THEOUTCLUB.com the first time, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase additional albums for as low as $4.98. We also offer you the choice to download an album or choose the physical CD. With The Out Club, it's music your way!

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Are you sending me normal CDs?

Absolutely. Every CD purchase is a high-quality, factory-sealed product.

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Why don't you have all the latest releases?

We try to get you the latest music as soon as we can, but our contracts with labels and artists sometimes indicate that new releases show up in stores first. Other times we simply may not have released it yet. Your patience could be well-rewarded in lower prices.

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Using the Out Club

How do I order?

Getting music your way is easy. Look through our large selection of music. When you find something you like, click the "Add to Cart" button next to it. Then, click "Checkout" on the left and follow the instructions. If this is your first order, you'll be prompted to purchase additional albums for as low as $4.98. Then, complete checkout and pay for your order.

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How do I listen to sound clips?

Next to each track in the track listing for a particular album is a small play icon . Click it and a sample of that track will play for you.

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How do I find what I want?

Like most modern and stylish web sites, The Out Club has a fully functional search engine. Ours is located in the upper left corner. You can do a general search, or click "Advanced Search" for more options, like to find a specific artist or song.

We also send out an email every two weeks with featured artists in genres you select when you register. We're pretty sure you'll find something you like there, too.

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Why can't I hear the previews?

It sounds silly but check to see that your volume is turned up, your system is not on mute, and that your speakers are plugged in and turned on. If you can hear any audio or music from any other programs or a CD then the system is working correctly. Try inserting and playing a music CD.

If you can hear music or audio and still can't hear the previews make sure that you have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. To get the latest Adobe Flash Player click here and follow the directions.

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How do I import the songs into iTunes?

In order to import the song into iTunes, open iTunes, click File, select Add File/Folder to Library, browse to the song or folder you would like to import, and click Open.

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How do I use the Download Manager on a PC?

Please download user manual pdf

How do I use the Download Manager on a Mac?

Please download user manual pdf


iTunes will automatically add your downloaded music to your iTunes Music Library if you select the Default download folder as "iTunes Music/Music/Automatically Add to iTunes". Select folder for automatically import tracks to iTunes

After import, if iTunes does not keep all of the songs together on your downloaded compilation album, try these steps.

  • (A) Make sure your albums are sorted "By Title" under the View menu of iTunes Sort songs by title in iTunes
  • (B) Select all of the songs in the album and then select "Get Info" under the File menu, then select the "Options" tab, and then check "Part of a compilation: Yes". Select all of the songs

Customer Service

I'm having trouble ordering. What should I do?

Oh no! Contact us at info@theoutclub.com and let us know you're having problems. We'll do everything we can to get you set up and ready to go.

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I don't live in the U.S., its territories or at an APO-FPO address. Can I still join The Out Club?

Yes, The Out Club is available world wide. Please be aware that shipping and handling fees are higher for orders from outside the United States.

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I don't always receive return email from Customer Service. Why?

You will always receive a confirmation that Customer Service got your email. Please make sure that you have our email addresses added to your email program to make sure our emails to you do not go into your Junk emails. Please add info@theoutclub.com and info@theoutclub.com. Please note that Customer Service will only contact you directly if they need more information about the issue concerning you. Otherwise, Customer Service will take whatever actions are necessary to resolve the issue.

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Will you provide my email address to other companies?

If you opt-in to receive communications from The Out Club partners during your registration or in your user preferences, we will occasionally share your email address with partners that might interest you.

If you don't opt-in, we don't share your information with anyone.

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Will you provide my postal address to other companies?

Absolutely not! The only time your postal address is provided to anyone outside The Out Club is when we write it on the shipping label so the delivery company knows where to take your order!

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Is my membership information safe?

Yes. We use industry standard encryption technology to protect your transactions. Read more about how in our Privacy Policy.

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What are The Out Club's terms and conditions?

By accessing and purchasing through www.theoutclub.com, you agree to certain terms, conditions and legal policies. These restrictions do not infringe on any privacy issues, and are used solely to preserve copyrighted material, protect trademark laws, and prevent unauthorized use of any website content. Read more about our Terms and Conditions and Privacy documents.

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Orders, Shipments, and Returns

When will I get my order?

If you order a CD, delivery may take 3 to 5 days on average, depending upon your location and the time of year. If you order an album download, you can begin downloading it immediately. Download time depends upon the speed of your internet connection.

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What is your return policy?

The Out Club is committed to the quality of the products it offers. If your CD is damaged, defective or incorrect, please let us know. Write us at: Customer Service Department, 1536 N. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 or contact us. The damaged, defective or incorrect CD may be returned within 30 days at our expense. Once returned we will either replace it, credit your account or refund the purchase price. Any credit or refund will include the purchase price plus shipping and handling.

Opened CDs that are returned to us without a note explaining that the CD is damaged or defective will not be accepted. If you return a CD we sent you incorrectly, it will not be accepted if opened.

All returns should be sent to:

The Out Club
1536 N. Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Please include:

  • your account number, complete name and billing address"
  • a brief explanation stating the reason for the return
  • title of the item you are returning
  • title of the item you should have received (if applicable)

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How do I know if you received my order?

After you place an order on www.theoutclub.com, you will receive an order confirmation email.

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