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The first of the very popular Fire Island Classics series is brought to life by legendary DJ Michael Fierman, and it brings you right back to that perfect summer on the gay island resort.  This is a collection of the biggest disco hits from the 70's and 80's, including the late great Frankie Knuckle's classic The Whistle Song, Alison Limerick's all-time greatest hit Where Love Lives, Jimmy Ruffin's hands-in-the-air classic Hold On To My Love, Viola Will's dance floor epic If You Could Read My Mind, the sing out loud classic Get Here, and morning music inspired Souvenirs by Voyage.  Often voted as the best in the series, and one of the best albums ever released by Centaur, this is a MUST HAVE for any collection!

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Title Artist Length
1. The Whistle Song (Sound Factory 12- Mix) - Frankie Knucles Michael Fierman 6:39
2. Where Love Lives (Classic Mix) - Alison Limerick Michael Fierman 5:05
3. Get Here - Q featuring Tracy Ackerman Michael Fierman 4:44
4. Hold On to My Love (Robbie Leslie Extended Mix) - Jimmy Ruffin Michael Fierman 7:28
5. Breathe (Extended Mix) - Vick Moore Michael Fierman 4:17
6. If You Could Read My Mind - Viola Wills Michael Fierman 4:38
7. What a Fool Believes (Chocolate Orchestra Remix) - Peter Cox Michael Fierman 8:15
8. Make that Feeling Come Again - Beautiful Bend Michael Fierman 7:19
9. Looking at You (Jimmy Gomez Club Mix) - Sunscreen Michael Fierman 9:48
10. Souvenirs - Voyage Michael Fierman 8:18

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