Mark Anthony :: Global Groove: Edge



This very popular Global Groove mix intends to take you to the edge, combining energy, emotion and perception in one vast experience for the ear. Mixed by Montreal's Black & Blue legendary DJ Mark Anthony, Global Groove: Edge is arguably the sexiest album produced by Centaur and one incredibly wild ride.

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Title Artist Length
1. Don't You Ever Give Up (Frankie Knuckles Summillenium Mix) - Innervision Feat. Melonie Daniels Mark Anthony 5:26
2. Void (I Need You) (Mark Picchiotti Remix) - Catapila Mark Anthony 7:05
3. Heaven Scent (Lifeline Mix) - Bedrock Mark Anthony 6:34
4. Squeeze Please (Oliver Moldan Vocal Remix) - Yello Mark Anthony 7:31
5. The Return of Nothing (Club 69 Future Mix) - Sandstorm Mark Anthony 10:05
6. Diablo (Evolution Mix) - Cass V. Slide Mark Anthony 8:29
7. Holdin' On (Black Ice Remix) - Skynet U.K. Mark Anthony 6:16
8. Magnificat - Lyter & The Peace Posse Mark Anthony 9:38
9. Sense of Danger (Futureshock Dangerous Vocal Mix) - Presence Feat. Shara Nelson Mark Anthony 5:33
10. Seven Cities (Atlantis Mix) - Solar Stone Mark Anthony 6:55

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