Junior Vasquez :: Party Groove: White Party Vol. 7



This album marks the first release from Junior on the Centaur label and features two exclusive Junior remixes including "Stupid Like U" by Deborah Cox and the 2005 World Children's Day Anthem "Stand Up For Love" by Destiny's Child. Junior delivers a vocal masterpiece on this album, with additional remixes included from Tracy Young, Offer Nissim and Robbie Rivera.

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Title Artist Length
1. Stupid Like U (Junior Vasquez Remix) - Fanatic feat. Deborah Cox Junior Vasquez 4:41
2. Here I Come (Rooster & Sammy Peralta Remix) - Tom Stephan feat. Katherine Ellis Junior Vasquez 4:40
3. Y'All Had Enuff Yet? - Ellis D feat. Vernessa Mitchell Junior Vasquez 4:40
4. I Want More (Cling Onto Me) (Offer Nissim Remix) - Amuka Junior Vasquez 6:24
5. Relentless (Just A Game) - Tim Rex Experiment feat. Veronica Junior Vasquez 5:10
6. No More (Tomer G Remix) - Jason Walker Junior Vasquez 7:45
7. U Know I Love It (Tracy Young Remix) - Superchumbo Junior Vasquez 5:39
8. Free Yourself - The Junito Perez Project feat. Tina Cox Junior Vasquez 4:41
9. Funk (Robbie Rivera Remix) - Matteo Esse & Sant feat. Corrina Joseph Junior Vasquez 4:41
10. Shake Yourself Loose (Dynamix & Haarmeyer Mix) - Dynamix pres. The Sweet Inspirations Junior Vasquez 8:54
11. Cliché (Tim Letteer Remix) - Simone Denny Junior Vasquez 6:25
12. Love Will Find A Way (Matt Piso Remix) - Vernessa Mitchell Junior Vasquez 8:25
13. Stand Up For Love (2005 World Children's Day Anthem) (Junior Vasquez Remix) - Destiny's Child Junior Vasquez 4:50

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