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We Are Free is intended to be thought provoking, moving and yes fun! The soulful vocals of M People lead singer Heather Small create a gorgeous landscape to this disc. Throw in a groovy beat, powerful performances by Kathy Brown and Takaboom, and the foundation of We Are Free is quickly established. Julian Marsh has also created a mix of "Alone" by Sandy B, an exclusive to this CD. Also included in this mix are covers of the classics "Always On My Mind" and "Venus."

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Title Artist Length
1. Proud (Illicit Mix) - Heather Small Julian Marsh 6:20
2. The Fire (Club Mix) - Butch Quick Julian Marsh 6:22
3. The Third Pleasure (Pagany Vocal Mix) - DJ Morris Feat. Takaboom Julian Marsh 7:18
4. Over You (Original Mix) - Warren Clarke Feat. Kathy Brown Julian Marsh 6:13
5. Happy Daize (All The President's Men Mix) - Jim "Shaft" Ryan Julian Marsh 6:52
6. The Soulshaker (Original Mix) - Max Linen Julian Marsh 7:46
7. Venus (Anthem Mix) - Obsession Julian Marsh 5:20
8. Alone (Julian Marsh Power Drive Mix) - Sandy B Julian Marsh 8:44
9. Now We Are Free (Andy & The Lamboy Club Mix feat. J Cee) - Andy + Lamboy vs Dreamgate Julian Marsh 5:55
10. Always On My Mind (The Beautiful Mix) - KHZ Julian Marsh 9:56

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