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Julian kicks off Millennium with the Tony Moran mix of "One For Sorrow" by Britain's ABBA-esque quintet, Steps. This high-flying slice of energy has an infectious chorus and is followed by Y2K updates from Re4mation and Kelly Marie of two legendary tracks, "Boys Of Summer" and "River Deep Mountain High." Marsh has also included a series of hot new tracks from Victoria Newton, Airscape, Lost Witness and more. Mi-Ko, the trump card from Belgium, enchants us with the majestic "Dreaming Of You."

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Title Artist Length
1. One For Sorrow (Tony Moran Mix) - Steps Julian Marsh 7:24
2. Boys Of Summer - Re4mation Julian Marsh 6:51
3. River Deep Mountain High - Kelly Marie Julian Marsh 5:14
4. In And Out Of My Life (Quake Vocal Mix) - One Phat Deeva Julian Marsh 6:10
5. Liesperanza (Absolom Remix) - Airscape Julian Marsh 6:34
6. Martha's Harbour (Floorplay Remix) - Victoria Newton Julian Marsh 7:05
7. Do You Dream (Picture of Man Remix) - Serious Danger Julian Marsh 7:04
8. Red Sun Rising (Lange Remix) - Lost Witness Julian Marsh 5:48
9. Dreaming Of You (Armix Vocal) - Mi-Ko Julian Marsh 7:19
10. Touched By God (Katcha's 4AM with Pecker Mix) - Katcha Julian Marsh 5:58
11. Pray (W.I.P. In the Church Mix) - Tina Cousins Julian Marsh 7:39

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