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Popular Vol. 10 is a hands in the air, sing out loud, popfest. Featured tracks include new dance mixes of Brave (the Microsoft commercial song that is actually about being Brave enough to come out), Treasure (Bruno Mars), Blurred Lines, Adore You (Miley), Neon Lights (Demi), Story Of My Life (One Direction), Gone (Phillip Phillips), Timber, Burn It Down, Love Somebody (Maroon 5), Safe & Sound, and our favorite new song All Of Me (John Legend). Hey Sailor...

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Title Artist Length
1. Brave (HumanJive Remix) Scarlet 5:22
2. Safe & Sound (HumanJive Remix) d'Macy 4:56
3. Treasure (HumanJive Remix) Spaceboy 4:38
4. Blurred Lines (HumanJive Remix) Close Encounter 5:15
5. Adore You (DJ Shocker Remix) Lil Montana 6:14
6. Love Somebody (CPR Remix) The Nickels 5:10
7. Neon Lights (Stereothief Remix) Bright Encounter 5:57
8. Timber (DJ Shocker Remix) Mr. feat. Dollar Girl 5:34
9. Burn It Down (Stereothief Remix) Dr. Pack 4:49
10. Team (DJ Shocker Remix) Queen L 6:02
11. Story Of My Life (CPR Remix) Full Tilt 5:25
12. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (DJ Shocker Remix) Joshua 5:40
13. Gone, Gone, Gone (Power Mix) P. Shop 5:40
14. All Of Me (HumanJive Remix) JR 6:18

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