Kidd Madonny :: Wurkout Vol. 4



DJ Kidd Madonny returns to the WURKOUT series with his signature mix of big room sound, vocal anthems, Hi-NRG, and classics. Kidd features #1 artists Donna Summer, Pepper MaShay, and Kevin Aviance, plus new dance mixes of the latest hits from Lady Gaga, Britney, Zedd, Daft Punk, and Miley Cyrus. Clap Your Hands for DJ Kidd Madonny and get ready for your Wurkout!

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Title Artist Length
1. Clap Your Hands Kevin Aviance 0:33
2. Ready Set Go Kevin Aviance 6:55
3. Work Bitch (Workout Mix) Miss Mess 5:15
4. Dance Florr (DJ Cesar Murillo Club Mix) Pepper MaShay 8:29
5. Naughty Girl (Mike DaWizard Mix) Gemini 6:15
6. Do What U Want (HumanJive Remix) Dame Dance 6:21
7. Rising (Tony Moran Mix) Elle Patrice 8:17
8. Wrecking Ball (Stereothief Remix) Lil Montana 6:18
9. Stay The Night (HumanJive Remix) Zina 6:16
10. Whenever There Is Love (Junior Vasquez Vocal Mix) Donna Summer & Bruce Roberts 5:47
11. Lose Yourself To Dance (DJ Shocker Remix) Junior Torrey 5:58
12. Clap Your Hands Outro Kevin Aviance 0:25

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