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Outright Rock remixes classic rock songs for the dancefloor from such legends as Kansas, Peter Frampton, Steppenwolf, Steve Miller Band, Doobie Brothers, U2, Journey, ELO, Queen, and Boston. Electric guitars meet an NRG beat while staying true to the vocals. Get ready for this 74-minute Magic Carpet Ride, Listen To The Music, and with Every Breath You Take, it will be More Than A Feeling, as we Shine A Little Love on you. Centaur's DJs really rocked this one!

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Title Artist Length
1. Magic Carpet Ride Neon World 3:26
2. Listen To The Music Southern Pacific 4:31
3. Show Me The Way Kent 6:10
4. Takin' Care Of Business The August 9 5:08
5. Slowride Spike 5:02
6. Swingtown C-Town 6:35
7. More Than A Feeling Jimmy Rep 5:50
8. Every Breath You Take The Bobby's 4:27
9. We Are The Champions DB Sound 5:04
10. Pride (In The Name Of Love) Love Freak 4:20
11. Shine A Little Love Meanstreet Boys 6:16
12. Don't Stop Believin' Axel Force 5:47
13. Go Your Own Way Sunset Blvd vs. The Nicks 4:34
14. Carry On My Wayward Son Topeka 6:01

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