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Katy Perry has delivered hit after hit of infectious tunes. Our DJ continuously mixed 14 dance remixes of favorite songs from the pop princess starting off with a Roar, to the lesbi-friends I Kissed a Girl, plus standouts California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Part of Me and Wide Awake, plus the gay anthem Firework. Katy's latest hits are also here including Dark Horse, Walking On Air, and the beautiful dance ballad Unconditionally. This is an unconditional hit. Get ready to dance and sing out loud!

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Title Artist Length
1. Roar (DJ Shocker Remix) Kitty Punch 5:49
2. I Kissed A Girl (Power Remix) Kitty Punch 5:14
3. Hot N Cold (Ronnie Maze Club Mix) Kitty Punch 4:41
4. Waking Up In Vegas (Power Remix) Kitty Punch 4:59
5. California Gurls (HumanJive Remix) Kitty Punch 5:48
6. Teenage Dream (CPR Remix) Kitty Punch 4:38
7. Firework (CPR Remix) Kitty Punch 4:53
8. Last Friday Night [T.G.I.F.] (Double Agent Mix) Kitty Punch 5:46
9. The One That Got Away (Version 1 Mix) Kitty Punch 5:33
10. Part of Me (CPR Remix) Kitty Punch 5:29
11. Wide Awake (Dan Bino Remix) Kitty Punch 5:51
12. Unconditionally (Stereothief Remix) Kitty Punch 6:58
13. Dark Horse (DJ Shocker Remix) Kitty Punch 5:13
14. Walking On Air (DJ Shocker Remix) Kitty Punch 6:18

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