Corey Craig :: Wurkout Vol. 2



“People always thank me for my mixes because they use them to WURKOUT,” says DJ Corey Craig. “Some SHOW me their abs, arms and other body parts (grin) telling me that my music keeps them motivated at the gym. This CD tells us why we hit the gym. We WURKOUT to feel more attractive, get rid of stress, and for that infamous ‘post breakup body’. Whatever the reason, the results are always worth looking forward to." Songs from Pink, Rihanna, Carly Rae, Bruno Mars, Zedd, Boy George = I Love It.

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Title Artist Length
1. Just Give Me A Reason Party Girl 5:35
2. Next To Me Lady Scot 5:26
3. Stay Parasol 5:11
4. Tonight I'm Getting Over You Cee Jay 6:18
5. Late Night Grand Hotel Nanci Griffith 4:04
6. Hold Me The Macks 3:57
7. Locked Out of Heaven Spaceboy 4:42
8. Amazing King Brit G 6:10
9. He Lives In You Lonnie Gordon 5:17
10. When Will You Learn Boy George 6:27
11. I Love It Blondie Twins 4:04
12. Clarity Zina 5:19

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