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San Francisco based DJ-Producer John LePage is the most-loved bear DJ in the country, and we know you will love him too. This new release features John's remixes of #1 divas Debby Holiday, Lonnie Gordon and Caroline Lund, with classic songs like Heaven, Catch A Fire, Outlaw and Love So Strong, plus new mixes of top-40 hits Wide Awake (Katy Perry) and Chasing The Sun (The Wanted). There is something for everyone in this fun, Hi-NRG mix!

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Title Artist Length
1. Come With Me Caroline Lund 7:26
2. A God That Can Dance Northernbeat feat. Lonnie Gordon 4:59
3. Heaven John LePage feat. Debby Holiday & LFB 6:13
4. Drinking & Dancing (OMG) La Pava 5:12
5. Take Me Higher John LePage feat. Debby Holiday 5:28
6. Chasing The Sun UK Boys 5:02
7. Catch A Fire John LePage feat. Debby Holiday & LFB 6:24
8. Outlaw Paul Goodyear feat. Caroline Lund 7:08
9. Key To Your Soul John LePage feat. Debby Holiday 6:04
10. Wide Awake Kitty Punch 6:33
11. Oh Yeah L10 6:53
12. Love So Strong John LePage & Paul Goodyear feat. Peyton 8:57

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