Wayne G :: Party Groove: White Party 12



DJ Wayne G mixes his first White Party CD loaded with #1 hits and exclusive remixes. Mixing classic dance tracks with new hits, DJ Wayne G fills this collection with something for everyone. New remixes of today’s hits like You and I from Lady Gaga and We Found Love from Rihanna are interspersed with classic club tracks such as Dynamix’s Don’t Want Another Man and Paul Goodyear’s remake of the Olive song Outlaw.

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Title Artist Length
1. Beautiful Stranger (Wayne G & Andy Allder Atlantis Anthem Mix) Wayne G feat. Melissa Totten 8:54
2. Don't Want Another Man (Wayne G & Andy Allder Mix) Dynamix feat. Adrianne Harkins 5:54
3. Night of Your Life (Wayne G White Party Mix) Dreamette 5:54
4. Outlaw (Wayne G Anthem Mix) Paul Goodyear feat. Caroline Lund 7:26
5. Your Loving Arms (Wayne G Atlantis Anthem Mix) Billie Ray Martin 5:48
6. Age of Love (Original Mix) Wayne G & Andy Allder 4:53
7. The Promise (Wayne G Anthem Mix) Tony Moran 4:55
8. You And I (Dig-It Mix) Dame Dance 6:07
9. Don't Make Me Wait (Joe Gauthreaux Loves Ibiza Club Mix) 7th Heaven feat. Donna Gardier-Elliott 5:58
10. Bad Things (Original Club Mix) Alva & Allder 4:57
11. Bitch (Wayne G & Andy Allder Club Mix) Ralphi Rosario & Wayne G feat. Stewart Who? 5:13
12. Devil in Disguise (Wayne G & Andy Allder Anthem) K-Poff 4:35
13. We Found Love (Wayne G & Andy Allder White Party Mix) Parasol 5:27

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