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Retromix: Fleetwood is the first volume in this new series that takes classic songs from one artist and remixes them for the dancefloor. Fleetwood Mac was one of the most successful bands of the rock era, and their classic songs translate into great remixes. Loaded with hit after hit, and continuously mixed by DJ DeMarko, Retromix: Fleetwood is sure to be a classic in its own right. Take a listen - we are sure you will be singing along while you get your groove on!

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Title Artist Length
1. Everywhere The Nicks 6:44
2. Dreams The Nicks 7:04
3. Sara The Nicks 7:07
4. Little Lies The Nicks 5:10
5. Say You Love Me The Nicks 4:29
6. Love In Store The Nicks 4:33
7. Rhiannon The Nicks 5:16
8. Gypsy The Nicks 6:32
9. You Make Lovin' Fun The Nicks 6:08
10. Go Your Own Way The Nicks 6:59
11. Hold Me The Nicks 5:37
12. Big Love The Nicks 4:21
13. Don't Stop The Nicks 5:22

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