Brian Kent :: Su-Su-Su-Superstar Part 1



Su-Su-Su-Superstar, Brian Kent’s latest single, may be his most commercially radio-friendly song yet. Featuring a catchy hook, the song is reminiscent of 80’s pop and is a little more rock based than the usual dance track from Brian. The song has an important positive message to inspire Brian’s listeners. Brian describes the song as having a “message of self-love…You’re already a Su-Su-Su-Superstar” The video for the song is a collaboration between Kent and A-List photographer Mike Ruiz.

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Title Artist Length
1. Su-Su-Su-Superstar (Sted-E & Hybrid Heights Radio Edit) Brian Kent 4:00
2. Su-Su-Su-Superstar (Loverush UK! Radio Edit) Brian Kent 3:25
3. Su-Su-Su-Superstar (Dr. Brooks Radio Edit) Brian Kent 3:32
4. Su-Su-Su-Superstar Brian Kent 3:24

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