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Volume 8 of the Gay Days series features a more progressive, diverse mix of music choices, reflecting the current moment in the evolving gay dance scene. Featured are #1 artists Debby Holiday and Sandy B as well as UK sensation Peyton and Star Search winner Marty Thomas. This volume includes new dance mixes of top 40 hits like "On the Floor", "Till the World Ends" and "Rolling in the Deep"; classic hits like "We Belong" and "Love So Strong"; and new dance hits "Party of the Year" and "Pop It"

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Title Artist Length
1. On The Floor Rokcity feat. Paulette & Chani 6:49
2. Party of the Year Jipsta feat. Sandy B 6:24
3. Magalenha Sergio Mendes 4:40
4. Pop It Jason Dottley 5:16
5. Till the World Ends Miss Mess 5:08
6. Rolling in the Deep Anya Tru 5:07
7. Happiness Fringe 4:27
8. Gave Up On Love Kelli 6:20
9. Falling Jackie Madden 6:40
10. Catch a Fire John LePage feat. Debby Holiday & LFB 6:18
11. We Belong Matt Zarley 5:11
12. Love So Strong John LePage & Paul Goodyear feat. Peyton & LFB 7:45
13. Love Conquers All Marty Thomas 6:00

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