Randy Bettis :: Party Groove: Cherry Vol. 4



This is the official CD from Cherry Weekend 2011, a benefit produced every year by the Cherry Fund in Washington DC. DJ Randy Bettis spins a Hi-NRG mix here featuring smash hits "Born This Way" and "Hold It Against Me" of GaGa and Britney fame, plus original dance songs from Tony Moran, Nanci Griffith, and Soweto Funk. Randy also adds new dance versions of top-40 hits from Kelly Clarkson and Fleetwood Mac to round out this fun CD. Download and put it on your iPod for a great workout!

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Title Artist Length
1. Go Your Own Way The Nicks 7:07
2. Been To The Mountain Francesca 6:25
3. Let The Music Fill Your Soul Tony Moran 5:44
4. Move That Body Soweto Funk 6:06
5. Born This Way Dame Dance 5:00
6. Big Love The Nicks 4:56
7. Never Again Miss Independent 6:30
8. Hold It Against Me Miss Mess 4:38
9. The Beat Velocity 8:12
10. Late Night Grand Hotel Nanci Griffith 7:24

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