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The inaugural Fortitude Weekend, a new GLBT benefit, took place in Fort Lauderdale, and DJ Roland Belmares and DJ Escape rocked the house at the Men's Saturday Night dance. Now Roland brings us the first Fortitude Weekend CD filled with fun, Hi-NRG and vocal dance music, packed with big name stars - Donna Summer, Taylor Dayne, Tony Moran, Deborah Cox, Elton John, Kristine W and more. Enjoy this star-studded line-up!

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Title Artist Length
1. Not Ready To Make Nice Southern Belles 5:51
2. How Many Taylor Dayne 5:31
3. Bleeding Love Lady D. 7:52
4. Higher Rockstar feat. Princess 4:55
5. Everybody Dance Deborah Cox 5:54
6. The Promise Tony Moran 5:54
7. Everywhere The Nicks 6:38
8. When The Money's Gone Bruce Roberts feat. Elton John & Kristine W 5:57
9. Whenever There Is Love Donna Summer & Bruce Roberts 6:18
10. Rhiannon The Nicks 5:50
11. Don't Stop Believin' Brian Kent 6:38
12. Just The Way You Are G.G. 6:00

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