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In the final White Party at Vizcaya-Miami, David Knapp turned it out, and he features his set on this official CD. These are the tracks every DJ played during White Party - from the stellar Freefallin' from Zoe Badwi (Release Me) to the new Ultra Nate & Tony Moran collaboration, to the new release from Gypsy Woman Crystal Waters, and #1 artists Jeanie Tracy, Kathy Brown, Dave Aude and Edson Pride. Plus, this album features the smash hits Firework, Commander and Only Girl (In The World). Own it!

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Title Artist Length
1. Freefallin' (I Am Sam Remix) Zoe Badwi 6:38
2. Firework (CPR Remix) Paulette 5:24
3. Commander (Dan Bino Club Mix) Airi L 5:24
4. Only Girl (In The World) (CPR Remix) Parasol 4:40
5. Dancin' Circles (Club Mix) Dave Aude & David Garcia feat. Sisely Treasure 6:40
6. Destination (Wawa Extended Mix) Tony Moran & Ultra Nate 5:54
7. Whole World Party (Dom Capello Remix) DJ Disciple feat. Dawn Tallman 6:27
8. Dirty Salsa (The Cube Guys Remix) Nick & Danny Chatelain 5:39
9. When People Come Together (Greg Cerrone Remix) Crystal Waters vs. Bellani & Spada 5:34
10. Feel The Music (Deep Influence Anthem Mix) Kathy Brown 6:24
11. Feel Good (Peter Barona & Hull Peak Hour Anthem Mix) Edson Pride & Jeanie Tracy 7:49
12. Free Your Body (DJ Alexander + Mark VDH Remix) Edson Pride feat. Cyon Flare 3:48
13. Stars (Chad Jack's 57th St. Remix) Rhythm DB feat. Becca Schack 5:14

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