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Centaur's annual PRIDE CD is once again mixed by DJ Max Rodriguez, also one of the residents of Fire Island's infamous "low tea". Max delivers a Hi-NRG, happy vocal set that will keep you singing and dancing to songs that you will KNOW. From classics like "Lady Marmalade" "Please Don't Go" "Heaven" and "A Little Respect", to Broadway's "I Dreamed A Dream" to current top 40 hits like "Your Love Is My Drug" and "Naturally", and Kimberley Locke's megahit "Strobelight" - you will LOVE this CD!

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Title Artist Length
1. Lovin' You - Maximillion Max Rodriguez 1:31
2. Heaven (Wayne G T-Dance Mix) - John LePage feat. Debby Holiday & LFB Max Rodriguez 6:47
3. I Dreamed A Dream (Ronnie Maze Club Mix) - Starlet Max Rodriguez 4:51
4. Wicked Games (The Letting Go Mix) - Hot22 Max Rodriguez 6:24
5. Your Love Is My Drug (RokCity Remix) - Paulette Max Rodriguez 4:04
6. Strobelight (Ray Roc & Gabe Ramos Club) - Kimberley Locke Max Rodriguez 5:37
7. (A Little) Respect (Rhythm Extended Mix) - Audio Playground Max Rodriguez 3:55
8. Lady Marmalade (Sunshine Mix) - Chic Flowerz Max Rodriguez 4:17
9. Movin' On Up (Push It Mix) - Candy Max Rodriguez 3:16
10. Please Don't Go (Club Extended) - DJ Ross vs. Double You Max Rodriguez 5:19
11. Naturally (CPR Remix) - Fringe Max Rodriguez 4:52
12. Fame (Edson Pride Addicted Mix) - Bill Bennett feat. Suzanne Palmer Max Rodriguez 6:59
13. 9 to 5 (CPR Remix) - Daphne Max Rodriguez 5:07
14. Gypsy (Keityh Haarmeyer Pride Anthem) - The Nicks Max Rodriguez 7:15

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