Randy Bettis :: Party Groove: GayDays Vol. 7



Volume 7 in the Gay Days series from the annual mega-event in Orlando once again features DJ Randy Bettis at the helm delivering a happy, vocal, Hi-NRG mix. Packed with exclusives, you'll love the new Inaya Day song, the new treasure from Billie Myers (of Kiss The Rain fame), Tony nominee Levi Kreis remixed, pop-dance powerhouse Brian Kent's new hit, plus new dance versions of Don't Stop Believin', Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon, Rihanna's Rude Boy, and Fight For This Love. Fun, fun, fun!

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Title Artist Length
1. Raise Your Hands (Randy Bettis GD Intro Mix) - Inaya Day & BetBoyz Randy Bettis 1:18
2. Together (Jerome Farley Floor One Club Mix) Randy Bettis 5:44
3. Miracle of Love (Vocal Mix) - David Penn & Peter Gelderblom Randy Bettis 5:14
4. Fight For This Love (CPR Remix) - J Bliss Randy Bettis 4:59
5. If This Is Love (Soul Seekerz Club Mix) Randy Bettis 5:29
6. I Believe In You (Cahill Club Mix) - Hannah Randy Bettis 5:19
7. Rhiannon (Keith Haarmeyer Gay Days Mix) - The Nicks Randy Bettis 5:05
8. Rude Boy (HumanJive Remix) - Paulette Randy Bettis 5:08
9. Gonna Be Alright (BetBoyz Big Room Mix) - Levi Kreis Randy Bettis 7:06
10. Wonderful (Barry Harris Saturday Night Club Mix) - Billie Myers Randy Bettis 6:44
11. Get Up (Oxford Hustler's Arena Anthem Remix) - Kimberly Davis Randy Bettis 7:28
12. Higher Place (Randy Bettis-David Boyd Higher Vocal Anthem) - Inaya Day & BetBoyz Randy Bettis 4:26
13. I'll Find A Way (Radboy Club Mix) - Brian Kent Randy Bettis 6:21
14. Don't Stop Believin' (Starlab Club Mix) - Newton Randy Bettis 6:32

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