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This new continuous mix CD from DJ-Producer Escape features his exclusive remixes of "Video Phone" by Beyonce and Lady GaGa, "F The Industry" by Solange, the beautiful "Rain" by Anjulie, plus an exclusive Tony Moran mix of Ralph Falcon's "Whateva" as well Tony's "You Are" mixed by Ralphi Rosario and featuring the controversial American Idol diva Frenchie Davis! Other standouts are Amanda Wilson's stunning vocals in "Underneath My Skin" and the surprisingly fun "Let Me See Your Underwear"

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Title Artist Length
1. Rise! (Jerome Farley & Del Pino Bros Anthem Remix) - Vernessa Mitchell DJ Escape 7:52
2. Video Phone (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Mix) - Beyonce feat. Lady GaGa DJ Escape 6:24
3. F The Industry (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Mix) - Solange DJ Escape 6:24
4. Rain (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Mix) - Anjulie DJ Escape 6:24
5. You Are (Ralphi Rosario Mix) - Tony Moran feat. Frenchie Davis DJ Escape 4:55
6. Electrified (Alex Cohen's Electrifying Mix) - The Alex Cohen Project DJ Escape 5:03
7. Get Into It (Original Mix) - Alexander & Mark VDH feat. Alan T. DJ Escape 6:24
8. Whateva (Peter Rauhofer Mix vs. Tony Moran/Warren Rigg Tribute Mix) - Ralph Falcon DJ Escape 5:54
9. Love Is All I Want (FM Mix) - Stacy Burkett DJ Escape 4:29
10. Underneath My Skin (S-Man's Fire Mix) - Nick Bridges feat. Amanda Wilson DJ Escape 5:39
11. Balearic (Tribal Spain Remix) - Submission DJs DJ Escape 4:40
12. Wait So Long (Chris Moody Remix) - Dion Mavath feat. Kandace Lindsey DJ Escape 5:10
13. Let Me See Your Underwear (Danny Verde Remix) - Blow-Up DJ Escape 4:55
14. DJ Escape Outro DJ Escape 0:36

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