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The first in the new DJ/Producer dance series REMIXXER, featuring International superstar Wayne G. Packed with exclusives songs/remixes including #1 artists Erasure, Darren Hayes (Savage Garden), Simone Denny, Barry Harris, Peyton and Levi Kreis. Also featured are dance remakes of the #1 hits "Love Hangover", "When Doves Cry" and "RESPECT". It wouldn't be a Wayne G mix without the song he made famous from Jerry Springer The Opera - "I Just Wanna Dance".

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Title Artist Length
1. Love Hangover - Wayne G v Darren Hayes (Original Mix) Wayne G 6:03
2. RESPECT - Wayne G feat Shauna Jensen (Original Mix) Wayne G 4:45
3. Party Round The World - Jason Dottley & Debby Holiday (Wayne G & Andy Allder XXL London Mix) Wayne G 6:04
4. Trapped - Pagano & Wayne G feat. Peyton (Wayne G Betty&Ford Mix) Wayne G 6:13
5. Jus Cum - Wayne G (Wayne G & Andy Allder Original Mix) Wayne G 4:43
6. When Doves Cry - Wayne G feat. Michael Wheatley (Wayne G & Andy Allder Afterhours Mix) Wayne G 6:11
7. Gonna Be Alright - Levi Kreis (Wayne G & Andy Allder Atlantis Anthem Mix) Wayne G 7:40
8. A Little Respect - Erasure (Wayne G & Andy Allder Afterhours Dub) Wayne G 6:10
9. Drama Queen (Texting U) - Simone Denny + Barry Harris (Wayne G & Andy Allder Atlantis Anthem Mix) Wayne G 6:24
10. Time - Therese (Wayne G & Andy Allder XXL Club Mix) Wayne G 6:08
11. I Promised Myself - Wayne G feat. Jonathan Hellyer (Wayne G Classic Mix) Wayne G 7:05
12. I Just Wanna Dance - Richard Thomas feat. Alison Jier (Wayne G Lady Botox Anthem) Wayne G 8:22

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