Randy Bettis :: Party Groove: White Party 10



A smorgasbord of new songs, #1 hits, #1 artists and dance remakes that blend together perfectly, creating one of the most exciting White Party mixes in the 10 volume series. Chart topping artists Vanessa Williams, Georgie Porgie, Peyton and Freemasons are household names in dance, but the newcomers David May, Jill Jones and Funk Fanatics make a lasting impression with their standout performances. Also includes a remake of the classic dance gem “The Pressure”.

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Title Artist Length
1. It’s A Celebration - Randy B. feat. Madge (BetBoyz Anniversary Intro Mix) Randy Bettis 1:45
2. The Pressure - Haji & Emanuel ft. Beverley Knight & Bryan Chambers (Original Mix) Randy Bettis 5:09
3. Living For The Weekend - Jill Jones (Wawa Summer Of Love Mix) Randy Bettis 4:26
4. Celebration - Madge (Power Mix) Randy Bettis 4:56
5. Brand New Day - Georgie Porgie (Josh Harris Club Mix) Randy Bettis 5:55
6. A Beautiful Song - Quincy McQ (Mark!’s Morning Music Vocal) Randy Bettis 5:55
7. In Love With My Life - Peyton vs Arkoss (Original Club Mix) Randy Bettis 7:09
8. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) - Freemasons ft. Sophie Ellis-Bextor (Freemasons Full Club Mix) Randy Bettis 6:17
9. Paparazzi - Dame Dance (Power Remix) Randy Bettis 4:41
10. The Real Thing - Vanessa Williams (Ralphi Rosario Club Mix) Randy Bettis 7:39
11. Fight The People - Empulse feat. Zhana (Edson Pride Massive Club Mix) Randy Bettis 6:50
12. Love Is The Answer - Funk Fanatics feat. Peyton (Freemasons Club Mix) Randy Bettis 5:55
13. Superstar - David May (Marquito Remix) Randy Bettis 6:59

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