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This mix is fueled by Seth Cooper’s high octane blend of current club gems, familiar radio remakes and hit songs that have reached the top spot on Billboard. The 2009 summer anthems and #1 hits “I Gotta Feeling”, “When Love Takes Over” and “You Belong With Me” ignite the hands in the air vibe, along with a cover of C+C Music Factory’s classic 1992 #1 hit “Keep It Coming”. Also included is the dance floor ready version of the Academy Award winning song “Jai Ho!”.

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Title Artist Length
1. When Love Takes Over – Airi L (Ronnie Maze Club Mix) Seth Cooper 6:36
2. Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) – Carmen (Power Remix) Seth Cooper 5:29
3. Hold Your Head Up - Sound Contucterz feat. Merenia (Stonebridge Club Anthem) Seth Cooper 5:59
4. Keep It Coming – Buffy (Ronnie Maze Club Mix) Seth Cooper 5:51
5. Your Body – Tommy (Power Remix) Seth Cooper 5:07
6. Hoe Curious - Mr Groove feat. Nadjia (Asi Givati Remix) Seth Cooper 7:05
7. Stand Up - Amuka (Eddie Baez JustCircuit Anthem) Seth Cooper 7:05
8. Stop And Stare – Cory Ray (Ronnie Maze Remix) Seth Cooper 6:13
9. I Gotta Feeling – The Humps (Power Remix) Seth Cooper 5:07
10. Gotta Be Somebody – Quarterback (Power Remix) Seth Cooper 4:56
11. You Belong With Me – Juliet (Power Remix) Seth Cooper 6:02
12. One Way Or Another - Guy B (Original Mix) Seth Cooper 4:04

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