David Knapp :: The White Party: Anniversary Edition



If you've ever wanted to hit up The White Party, but never got the chance, this album's for you. Nothing gets you closer to the tempo, the dancefloor press of bodies or the feeling of being there than David Knapp's The White Party: Anniversary Edition. Standout tracks include the elusive Diana Ross dance hit Until We Meet Again, M People's hit Testify, Bond girl Lulu's Hurt Me So Bad, Judy Torres' fabulous rendition of the Fame classic Out Here On My Own, Donna Summer's Whenever There Is Love, a new dance remake of Cher's I Found Someone, and ATB's 9pm Til I Come.

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Title Artist Length
1. Testify - M People David Knapp 6:54
2. Hurt Me So Bad - Lulu David Knapp 6:42
3. So Hi - Peak feat. Beverly Houston David Knapp 5:29
4. Just What You Did - Angela David Knapp 6:31
5. 9pm Til I Come - ATB David Knapp 4:49
6. Until We Meet Again - Diana Ross David Knapp 8:09
7. Out Here On My Own - Judy Torres David Knapp 6:51
8. Madagascar - Art of Trance David Knapp 5:36
9. I Found Someone - Barbara Doust David Knapp 4:52
10. Moments - Noisemaker David Knapp 9:01
11. Whenever There Is Love - Donna Summer & Bruce Roberts David Knapp 8:36

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