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PRIDE 09 is Centaur's Official CD for Pride 2009 and includes the hit song "I Just Wanna Dance" from Jerry Springer The Opera, along with several dance remakes of the #1 hits "When Love Takes Over", "Let The Music Play", "The Fear" and "Rhythm Is A Dancer". Also included are updated versions of the classic hits "All I Need Is A Miracle" and "Together In Electric Dreams".

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Title Artist Length
1. Let The Music Play - Jay Jay (Belmond & Parker Remix) Max Rodriguez 5:40
2. Sunchyme - Nightbirds (Simon De Jano Mix) Max Rodriguez 5:43
3. I Can Stop The Rain - Carol Hahn (Lenny B’s Classic House Slam Club Mix) Max Rodriguez 7:22
4. Hold Your Head Up High - Inaya Day (Soul Avengers Vocal Mix) Max Rodriguez 6:38
5. Together In Electric Dreams - Evolution Allstars (JSJ Remix) Max Rodriguez 4:40
6. Release Me - Deep Velvet featuring Dionne Mitchell (Lucarelli Club Mix) Max Rodriguez 5:09
7. The Fear - Ehda (Power Remix) Max Rodriguez 6:08
8. Rhythm Is A Dancer - Den J Rose (Extended Mix) Max Rodriguez 4:29
9. When Love Takes Over - Airi L (Ronnie Maze Club Mix) Max Rodriguez 6:08
10. Just Another Sleepless Night - Mad8 vs Shawn Christopher (Out Of Office Remix) Max Rodriguez 5:23
11. All I Need Is A Miracle - Love Freak (Calimocho Club Mix) Max Rodriguez 5:27
12. I Just Wanna Dance - Richard Thomas featuring Alison Jier (Wayne G Lady Botox Mix) Max Rodriguez 8:21

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