Roland Belmares :: Party Groove: One Mighty Weekend Vol. 3



The Official CD of the 2009 One Mighty Weekend, featuring the return of DJ Roland Belmares for back to back mixes from this exciting weeeknd of events. Volume 3 includes classic hits from Funky Green Dogs, Peter Rauhofer, Deborah Cooper, Pat Hodges, Beat Hustlerz and new hits from Offer Nissim, Maiysha and Pagano. The perfect club mix.

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Title Artist Length
1. Chase - Maiysha (Josh Harris Club Mix) Roland Belmares 6:47
2. Open Up Your Heart - Andrea Carnell (Danny Verde Mix) Roland Belmares 5:18
3. Love Me Right - Stacey Burket feat. Maryel Epps (Stephan Grondin’s Stereo Mix) Roland Belmares 7:12
4. Just About Had Enough - Beat Hustlerz (Hustlerz Main Mix) Roland Belmares 8:01
5. Twisted - Peter Rauhofer (Offer Nissim Mix) Roland Belmares 6:38
6. Hook Up - Offer Nissim featuring Maya (Ana Paula Mix) Roland Belmares 5:02
7. Back To The Future - Pagano feat. Stewart Who? (Pagano Original Guitar Mix) Roland Belmares 6:23
8. Real Love - Deborah Cooper (Rosabel’s Fireball Anthem Mix) Roland Belmares 6:52
9. Rise Up - Funky Green Dogs (Rosabel Remix) Roland Belmares 7:30
10. You Make Me Feel Good - Pat Hodges (Plasmic Honey Main Floor Mix) Roland Belmares 8:40

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