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Inspiration, healing, acceptance and confidence are four words that fit perfectly when discussing Levi Kreis. These words come full circle with this singer-songwriter as he celebrates his incredible journey with the release of his third studio album. "Where I Belong" is the most positive, uplifting offering witnessed from this piano man. Highlights include the lead single "Gonna Be Alright", the vulnerable "Nothing At All", live fan favorite "Stained Glass Windows" and "This Girl".
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Title Artist Length
1. Intro Levi Kreis 0:42
2. Gonna Be Alright Levi Kreis 3:45
3. This Girl Levi Kreis 2:45
4. Ain't Nobody Levi Kreis 4:16
5. Nothing At All Levi Kreis 2:55
6. Everytime Levi Kreis 3:36
7. All The Colors Levi Kreis 0:31
8. Stained Glass Window Levi Kreis 5:08
9. No Apologies Levi Kreis 3:15
10. Prayer For The Surrender Levi Kreis 2:06
11. Not Afraid Levi Kreis 4:49
12. I Surrender All Levi Kreis 3:20

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