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Ari Gold has now taken Human League's #1 hit "Human" and turned it into the follow up single to the #1 song "Where The Music Takes You". With featured vocals from Mr. Man, Ari has reworked and updated the 80's classic and delivered new remixes covering dance, pop, hip-hop, house and electro. Aaron Cobbett has also directed a new music video for "Human" which is available for download on iTunes. As a bonus you will also receive a previously unreleased remix of "Where The Music Takes You".

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Title Artist Length
1. Human (Original Video Edit) Ari Gold 4:49
2. Human (Dr. Brooks Gay Marriage Remix) Ari Gold 6:57
3. Human (Gomi's Human Rights Anthem) Ari Gold 8:59
4. Human (Lost Daze Club Dub) Ari Gold 7:53
5. Human (Mendy's Homo Sapien Mix) Ari Gold 6:37
6. Where The Music Takes You (>Hitplay Hypnotic Mix) Ari Gold 7:38
7. Human (Gomi's R&B Radio Mix) Ari Gold 4:22
8. Human (Skinner's Black President Mix) Ari Gold 10:05

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