Alyson Calagna :: Party Groove: Motorball Vol. 3



The Motorball is one of the biggest parties of the year, taking Detroit by storm. This third installment of Centaurs Motorball series puts you there no matter where you are or the time of year. This CD album is not iPod-compatible. Digital downloads of this album, however, will still work properly in your iPod.

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Title Artist Length
1. Te Gusta La Musica (Trendroid Remix) - London 909 Alyson Calagna 6:54
2. It's All Right (Moroni & Fontolon Vanity Vocal Dub) - House Family featuring Helen Alyson Calagna 5:40
3. Celebrate (Original Mix) - Ralphi Rosario with Donna Blakely Alyson Calagna 6:13
4. Turn Around And Dance (Hot Coffee vs. Del Gado Dub) - Plateau Royale featuring Sabrynaah Pope Alyson Calagna 4:58
5. Toxic Rain vs. You Make Me Feel Good - Sandy Wilhelm & Fred Pellicero vs. Pat Hodges Alyson Calagna 4:58
6. Freaque On (Original Twisted Vox) - D. Ramirez featuring Pete Simpson Alyson Calagna 4:34
7. Bodies Movin (Motorball Main Floor Mix) - The Housekeeperz featuring Angel Infiniti Alyson Calagna 7:06
8. Feeling Hot - Brown Sugar II Alyson Calagna 6:14
9. Luv Me (Truly Twisted Vocal) - Darrel Martin Alyson Calagna 6:20
10. Fuego (Original Mix) - Ramirez 2 Alyson Calagna 5:37
11. I Try (DJ Paulo's Tribal Mix) - Made By Monkeys Alyson Calagna 7:20
12. The Third Dimension - D-Formation Alyson Calagna 6:54

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