David Knapp :: Party Groove: White Party Vol. 9



The Official benefit album of White Party 2008 in Miami features the DJ talents of David Knapp and includes new songs from #1 artists Offer Nissim, Kristine W., Charo, Celeda, Dave Aude and Maya. This amazing mix of club favorites also features dance remakes of the Billboard #1 songs "Give It 2 Me" and "Spotlight", with additional remixes provided by Scotty K., DJ Escape, Johnny Vicious, Wayne G., Jody den Broeder, Twisted Dee and DJ Paulo.

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Title Artist Length
1. Exordium David Knapp 2:00
2. Spotlight - Dreamette (Calimocho Club Mix) David Knapp 5:00
3. Joyful Sound - Debby Holiday (Scotty K. Sordid Klub Mix) David Knapp 7:22
4. Give It 2 Me - Madge (DJ Paulo's Cover Mix) David Knapp 7:00
5. Can't Get No Sleep 08 - India (Klubjumpers Club Mix) David Knapp 5:09
6. Good Time - Celeda (William Umana Mighty Mix) David Knapp 4:30
7. Move Your Body - Caroline Lund (Wayne G Mix) David Knapp 7:15
8. I'm In Love - Offer Nissim featuring Maya (Original Mix) David Knapp 6:15
9. Espana Cani - Charo (Twisted Dee's Brazilian Samba Remix) David Knapp 5:37
10. Never - Kristine W. (DJ Escape and Johnny Vicious Mix) David Knapp 5:36
11. Grass Is Greener - Dave Aude feat. Sisely Treasure (Jody den Broeder Club Mix) David Knapp 5:15
12. Promise You - Deep Step (Denise 'Twisted Dee' Gurney & Manny Lehman Mix) David Knapp 5:22
13. Free Your Mind - DJ Lucerox (Allan Natal Mix) David Knapp 8:00
14. Manumission David Knapp 1:07

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