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“Global Groove: Live 4” combines some of the biggest chart hits to come from the dance and pop genre including remakes of I Kissed A Girl, Cry For You and Linkin Park’s mega-hit Shadow Of The Day. Scotty’s gives the mix his signature bounce with the gems Falling For You, Danz (Devotion) and Keo Nozari’s Rewind. Also included are the latest from dance divas Alyson, Robin, Tina Sugandh and pop-icon Tiffany, with remixes by legends Chris Cox, Ralphi Rosario, Hex Hector and Jody Den Broeder.

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Title Artist Length
1. To The Club - Scotty K. Scotty K. 0:36
2. Falling For You - Soulcatcher featuring Amanda Wilson (Extended Mix) Scotty K. 5:27
3. Shadow Of The Day - Cory Ray (Ronnie Maze Club Remix) Scotty K. 4:42
4. Cry For You - Nicki Bliss (Ronnie Maze Club Remix) Scotty K. 6:56
5. Rewind - Keo Nozari (Jody den Broeder Remix) Scotty K. 7:39
6. Dust Off And Dance - Hydra Productions feat. Tiffany (Scotty K. Vocal Klub Mix) Scotty K. 6:28
7. Break Me - Tina Sugandh (Chris Cox Club Mix) Scotty K. 5:49
8. Here With Me - Alyson (Hex Hector Club Mix) Scotty K. 6:40
9. I Kissed A Girl - Nicki Bliss (Scotty K. Vocal Klub Mix) Scotty K. 6:06
10. You Turned The Tables - Robin (Ralphi Rosario Vocal Mix) Scotty K. 8:10
11. What I Want - Fireball (Chris Cox Club Mix) Scotty K. 7:55
12. Danz [Devotion] - Skye 'N' Sugarstarr (Jerry Ropero Remix) Scotty K. 7:27
13. Home - Scotty K. Scotty K. 1:45

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