Randy Bettis :: Party Groove: GayDays Vol. 5



For the fifth consecutive year Centaur has produced the Official CD of Gay Days. This Hi-NRG mix features exclusive new dance mixes of "Bleeding Love" and "Hot Stuff", plus the hit single "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" by American Idol's Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. Also included is MTV LOGO's #1 Song of the Year "Where The Music Takes You" by Ari Gold, as well as dance remakes of "Ride On Time" and "Could This Be Love". A perfect fun-filled summer mix ready to energize any party.

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Title Artist Length
1. Ready To Go Randy Bettis 1:31
2. Where The Music Takes You - Ari Gold (BetBoyz Extended Vocal Mix) Randy Bettis 7:01
3. Dance Like There's No Tomorrow - Paula Abdul & Randy Jackson (Soul Seekerz Club Mix) Randy Bettis 5:07
4. Live Your Life - Housefellers feat. Cheryl Porter (Rivaz & Zucchi Extended Mix) Randy Bettis 5:18
5. Joy - Christian Hornbostel feat. Beverley T. (Moto Blanco Remix) Randy Bettis 7:22
6. Could This Be Love (I Love This Life) - Nick Corline vs Katherine Ellis Randy Bettis 5:15
7. Ride On Time 2008 - Candy (Original Club Mix) Randy Bettis 5:02
8. Love's A Basic Freedom - Pleasure Center (Original Mix) Randy Bettis 5:39
9. Hot Stuff - Love To Infinity & Kelly Llorenna (Love To Infinity Club Mix) Randy Bettis 5:24
10. Surrender Me - Danielle Bollinger (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Mix) Randy Bettis 7:55
11. Bleeding Love - Lady D. (Keith Haarmeyer's Pride & Disco Mix) Randy Bettis 7:29
12. Broken Wings - Rivaz feat. Ronin (Rivaz Classic Mix) Randy Bettis 4:21
13. Everything Changes - Brian Kent (Radboy Vocal Club Mix) Randy Bettis 7:01

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