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"Breathe Life" is a slick dance/pop anthem filled with club and radio friendly mixes. This fresh and uplifting song includes remixes by Twisted Dee, Jack Elliot, Randy Bettis and more.
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Title Artist Length
1. Breathe Life (Twisted Dee Morning Mix) Brian Kent 8:47
2. Breathe Life (Radboy Vocal House Mix) Brian Kent 7:47
3. Breathe Life (Radboy Vocal House Radio Edit) Brian Kent 4:27
4. Breathe Life (Jack D. Elliot Club Mix) Brian Kent 6:42
5. Breathe Life (Drew G. & Abe Clements Missing You Anthem) Brian Kent 5:42
6. Breathe Life (Drew G. & Abe Clements Missing You Anthem Radio) Brian Kent 3:47
7. Breathe Life (Dr. Brooks Club Mix) Brian Kent 8:11
8. Breathe Life (Dr. Brooks Club Mix Radio Edit) Brian Kent 4:03
9. Breathe Life (Chico Extended Club Mix) Brian Kent 6:56
10. Breathe Life (Funk Soul Brothers Mix) Brian Kent 6:11
11. Breathe Life (Original Album Version) Brian Kent 3:44

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