Warren Gluck & Wendy Hunt :: Party Groove: White Party Vol. 8



The Official CD of White Party Week in Miami features DJs Warren Gluck & Wendy Hunt, and includes #1 artists Viola Wills, Georgie Porgie, Stonebridge, Brian Kent, ATFC and Peyton, as well as a dance mix of the Paul McCartney classic Goodnight Tonight.

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Title Artist Length
1. Love Is The Answer - FR feat. Jenny B (FR Gospel Mix) Warren Gluck 4:27
2. So Alive - Avalon Superstar (Playmaker Club) Warren Gluck 5:59
3. Well Alright - Master and Muse feat. Robin Shanelle (Mark!s Gospel Mix) Warren Gluck 6:01
4. Lift Your Voices - Georgie Porgie (DJ Escape & Dom Capello) Warren Gluck 6:15
5. Party (For The Weekend) - Soul Seekrz feat. Kate Smith (Stonebridge Classic Club) Warren Gluck 6:27
6. Enjoy Yourself - Viola Wills (Twisted Dee Anthem Mix) Warren Gluck 7:10
7. You Don't Know - Stonebridge (Hot 22 Remix) Warren Gluck 6:17
8. Goodnight Tonight - DJ Scotty K feat. Knockhopper (Dj Scotty K Vocal Club) Warren Gluck 6:48
9. Be Free - Jason Antone (Georgie's Original Club Mix) Warren Gluck 5:24
10. It's Got To Be Love - Rachel Panay (Georgie Porgie's Original Club) Warren Gluck 5:55
11. Beautiful - ATFC featuring Peyton (Mark Picchiotto Vocal Mix) Warren Gluck 5:40
12. Breathe Life - Brian Kent (Radboy Vocal House White Party Mix) Warren Gluck 7:09

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