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TRANSPORT SYSYTEMS is about movement and progression, transportation and transformation. Beneath infectious grooves, thick harmonies and melodic hooks, the album boasts topics ranging from the down low phenomenon (“Mr. Mistress”), gay relationships (“Good Relationship)”, spirituality and forgiveness (“I Can Forgive You,”), and human rights (“Human”). “Ari wrote a very personal album and the lyrics attest to the battles that he’s been through...he writes from the heart.” --Clive Davis
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Title Artist Length
1. Overture (Feels Like Gold) (featuring Adam Joseph) Ari Gold 1:50
2. Transport Me Ari Gold 3:56
3. Ride To Heaven Ari Gold 4:35
4. Where The Music Takes You (featuring Sasha Allen) Ari Gold 5:38
5. Play It Back Ari Gold 3:58
6. Mr. Mistress Ari Gold 4:08
7. Love Movement I Ari Gold 0:38
8. Human (featuring Mr. Man) Ari Gold 4:37
9. Good Relationship (That's What It Is) Ari Gold 4:23
10. Feeding The Fire Ari Gold 4:14
11. Love Movement II (You Better Preach!) Ari Gold 0:46
12. Soul Killer Ari Gold 3:25
13. I Can Forgive You Ari Gold 4:13
14. Love Wasn't Built In A Day (featruing Dave Koz) Ari Gold 5:47
15. Bonus Track: Love Reprise (featuring Dave Koz) Ari Gold 5:43

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