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PARTY GROOVE: PRIDE 07 offers plenty for everyone, providing updated dance remixes of some of the biggest songs to come from Cher, Shania Twain, Laura Branigan, Bonnie Tyler, Sister Sledge and Alphaville. The newest mix features 12 songs that will take you on a journey through time, criss-crossing genres and eras with familiar lyrics and melodies, while offering a new perspective on songs that we know and love.

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Title Artist Length
1. We Are Family (Conways RMX) - Groovestylerz Max Rodriguez 5:03
2. Self Control (Extended Version) - Infernal Max Rodriguez 4:40
3. Tell Me Right Now (Shout) (Liquid360 Arabian Knight Club Mix) - Liquid360 Max Rodriguez 5:27
4. Stand Up (Dennis Christopher Mix) - Wilder & Clark feat. Katerine Ellis Max Rodriguez 5:31
5. Above The Clouds (Sky Bounce Mix) - Amber Max Rodriguez 6:50
6. Total Eclipse Of The Heart '06 (Shangai Surprize Mix) - Diva DJs v Nicki French Max Rodriguez 6:41
7. Rockin 4 Myself (Mark Andrews 3am Radio Mix) - Northernbeat feat. Angie Brown Max Rodriguez 6:26
8. From This Moment On - Klub Kidz feat. Sam Solace Max Rodriguez 5:46
9. Don't Leave Me This Way (12" Club Mix) - Nation UK feat. Leah Max Rodriguez 7:40
10. If I Could Turn Back Time (Haarmeyer Club Mix) - Jimmy James as Dark Lady Max Rodriguez 5:44
11. Ohh Ahh Just A Little Bit 2007 (Spit & Polish Energise 12") - Gina G Max Rodriguez 5:04
12. Forever Young (Everlasting Mixshow) - Ella Max Rodriguez 5:25

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