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Towards the end of 1983, dance music from England made its appearance in the States. It found a receptive audience keen to the tight pop sensibility and clever harmonic hooks. As the '80s charged on, funky syncopation and a touch of soul were introduced; further polishing the sound. Solo vocalists, duos, girl groups & boy groups, all contributed their talents. The dance component of a second British Invasion, was on.

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Title Artist Length
1. Reflex Action - Louise Thomas Various 8:28
2. Love In The First Degree - Bananarama Various 7:00
3. Brand New Lover - Dead or Alive Various 6:15
4. He Ain't No Competition - Brother Beyond Various 5:37
5. I Hear Thunder - Seventh Avenue Various 8:44
6. We Close Our Eyes - Go West Various 6:21
7. How Many Hearts - Evelyn Thomas Various 7:48
8. Landslide - Croisette Various 9:03
9. Ending Up On A High - Seventh Avenue Various 9:03

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