Rob Harris :: Party Groove: Soakin Wet Vol. 3



The third and final volume from the Soakin Wet series includes a high enerygy mix of house beats and vocals that makes for the perfect outdoor party. Featuring Billboard hits from Joi Cardwell, Georgie Porgie, Dj Mike Cruz, Rachel Panay, L.E.X., Koishii & Hush, and Chico featuring Ashlee.

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Title Artist Length
1. I Love Dance (Extended Club Mix) - Sasha Dith feat. Russian Girls Rob Harris 3:28
2. Dance 2 Disco (Raul Rincon & Jochen Pash Remix) - Hugh Heffner Rob Harris 7:50
3. Calling (V Groove's House Pressure Mix) - Koishii & Hush feat. Suzanne Shaw Rob Harris 4:42
4. I Like It (Ian Carey's Ghetto Fabulous Mix) - Tune Brothers feat. Anthony Lock Rob Harris 6:08
5. It's Over (Mike Cruz Vocal Mix) - DJ Mike Cruz pres. Joi Cardwell & Georgie Porgie Rob Harris 5:10
6. Let Me Hear The Music (L.E.X. Big Room Club Mix) - L.E.X. feat. Niki Haris Rob Harris 9:17
7. Leavin' U (Mike 'Da Wizard' & Anderstanding Mix) - Chico feat. Ashlee Rob Harris 5:09
8. Free Your Mind (Mike Cruz's Tribal Electro Mix) - Osha Kai Rob Harris 8:46
9. Let The Music Take Control (Keith Haarmeyer Original Mix DJ Rob Harris Edit) - Keith Haarmeyer Rob Harris 8:23
10. The Real Thing (Josh Harris Big Room Club Mix) - Rachel Panay Rob Harris 5:08
11. I Feel For You (Rosabel Vox Club Mix) - John Kano Project feat. Gia 7 Rob Harris 7:09
12. Remember The Past (Original Mix) - Indart, Colors Y Legaz Rob Harris 4:41

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