Ultra Naté :: Free EP



The Free EP is Ultra Naté's most powerful release to date. With Oscar G delivering the goods, Ultra Naté delivering the pipes and Junior Sanchez laying down some fat bass, you can't go wrong.

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Title Artist Length
1. Free (Brick City Remix) Ultra Naté 7:44
2. Free (Oscar G's Space Afterhours Vocal) Ultra Naté 8:21
3. Free (Jason Nevins Remix) Ultra Naté 7:55
4. Time Of Our Lives (Stonebridge Anthem Mix) Ultra Naté 8:22
5. Free (Toolhouse Remix) Ultra Naté 7:09
6. Free (Junior Sanchez Remix) Ultra Naté 5:31
7. Feel Love (Liquid People Remix) Ultra Naté 6:55
8. Free (Craig C.'s Strange Bedfellows Mix) Ultra Naté 7:51
9. Brass In Pocket (DJ Karizma Mix) Ultra Naté 6:54
10. It's Over Now (Live Version) Ultra Naté 4:51

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