Susan Morabito :: Party Groove: Blue Ball Vol. 3



Susan Morabito brings a Euro-House feel to Blue Ball Volume 3, full of groove, horns, drums, and vocals, which makes you want to hit the dance floor. Major UK artists like Layo & Bushwacka, and ATFC, join Johnny Vicious, Soul Amour, and Peace Division on this continuous mix. Susan demonstrates why she has been at the top of her game for SO long!

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Title Artist Length
1. Deep South (DJ Julz Mix) - Layo & Bushwacka! Susan Morabito 6:47
2. Groove Me (Peace Division Main Pass Mix) - Peace Division Presents The Doped Out Kings Susan Morabito 6:32
3. Everyday (DJ Gregory Mix) - John Ciafone Susan Morabito 6:01
4. Rebirth - The Supermen Lovers Susan Morabito 5:56
5. It's Up To You (Shining Through) (Club Mix) - Layo & Bushwacka! Susan Morabito 6:14
6. Ya Dig- (Main Mix) - ATFC Susan Morabito 6:13
7. Babalu (Phearce Hispanola Mix) - Soul Amour Susan Morabito 6:26
8. White Exploitation - Jan Solo Feat. Gary Low Susan Morabito 7:39
9. Egyptian Drummer - RLP Feat. Hossam Ramzy Susan Morabito 6:31
10. Back to Brazil - Johnny Vicious Susan Morabito 6:58

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