Roland Belmares :: Party Groove: Winter Party Vol. 8



An uplifting journey that keeps the energy level high while weaving in familiar tones. Tony Moran’s mix of “Without Love” and the club hits “I Will” and “Alright!” infuse a charge in the overall mix while “How Can I Be Falling” and “I Am (The Rising)” are recognized favorites that add their own spark. This new volume also features several of Roland’s own remixes on debut releases from dance divas Abigail “Songbird” & Pat Hodges “The Message,” (an excerpt from her prior hit “Love Revolution”).

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Title Artist Length
1. The Message - Pat Hodges Roland Belmares 6:10
2. How Can I Be Falling - Jennifer Green Roland Belmares 5:07
3. Without Love - Sun Roland Belmares 6:03
4. I Will - Oryon Roland Belmares 6:12
5. Songbird - Abigail Roland Belmares 7:17
6. Give Me Your Love - Carl Cox Feat. Hanna Robinson Roland Belmares 6:20
7. Bang - Santos Presents Shakadelic Drums Vol. 2 Roland Belmares 6:05
8. Alright - Red Carpet Roland Belmares 5:50
9. I Am (The Rising) - Taborah Roland Belmares 6:34
10. What Get Me Out - Santi B & Victor Del Guio Roland Belmares 5:37
11. Love is the Answer - Harlem Hustlers Roland Belmares 6:04

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