Roland Belmares :: Party Groove: Winter Party Vol. 6



Featuring Cyndi Lauper’s Grammy Nominated Best Dance Song “Disco Inferno.” Circuit party favorite Kristine W. and Elton John perform the original version of “When the Money’s Gone,” followed by Faith Trent’s top 5 hit “Body.” Tiffany brings her newest release to the table, right next to updated versions of 80s hits “Superwoman” by Karen White and and “I Want Your Sex” by Soho Boy.

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Title Artist Length
1. Superwoman (Ralphi Rosario Vox Mix) - GTS Feat. Karyn White Roland Belmares 7:08
2. Max Linen (Original Mix) - Paradiso del Mundo Roland Belmares 7:21
3. There Some Disco Fans In Here Tonight (Remix by JJ) - Robbie Rivera + D-Monsta Roland Belmares 6:09
4. The Music Lifts Me Up (Guido Main Mix) - Drive Feat. Marvel Roland Belmares 7:21
5. Space Jam (Angelo Kortez Tribal Space Mix) - Midnight Society Feat. Alan T Roland Belmares 4:38
6. I Believe - Chris Cox vs. Happy Clappers Roland Belmares 6:06
7. Disco Inferno (Guido Osorio Diva Mix) - Cyndi Lauper Roland Belmares 6:04
8. Body (Widelife Club Mix) - Faith Trent Roland Belmares 6:18
9. I Want Your Sex (Original Vocal Mix) - Soho Boy Feat. Alex Roland Belmares 6:17
10. I'm Not Sleeping (Solar City Club Anthem) - Tiffany Roland Belmares 6:58
11. When The Money's Gone (Warren Rigg Euro Mix) - Bruce Roberts Feat. Elton John & Kristine W Roland Belmares 7:01
12. Anyway (Hex Hector Club Mix) - Sherrie Lea Roland Belmares 6:39

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