The Stranger In Us



In this poetic debut feature, director Scott Boswell explores the pleasures and perils of losing and regaining oneself through the journey of a young, gay man in the wake of a traumatic breakup.

Small town Anthony follows his heart to San Francisco, eager for domestic bliss with new boyfriend, Stephen. Soon Anthony faces a waking nightmare as their volatile relationship reaches the breaking point. Isolated and financially strained, Anthony takes to the nighttime city streets where he meets an alluring cast of hook-ups and wanderers. When he befriends a precocious, young street hustler named Gavin, Anthony finds the human contact he craves, but his inner struggles continue to engulf him.

The Stranger In Us grips viewers with its heartfelt performances and intimate perspective. Variety calls the film festival hit "a modest but affecting drama" that's "engrossing by leisurely degrees."

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Cast & Crew

  • Raphael Barker - Actor
  • Scott Cox - Actor
  • Adam Perez - Actor


Scott Boswell


Scott Boswell




  • Studio: Breaking Glass Pictures
  • Genre: Drama
  • Released: 12/7/2010
  • Run Time: 1hr 47min
  • Size: 0.84 GB (480p SD)
  • Format: WideScreen

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