CODEBREAKER is an award-winning and critically acclaimed film telling the remarkable and tragic story of one of the 20th century's most important people, who happened to be gay. Alan Turing is the maverick British genius who was crucial to founding three new fields of science as well as breaking the German naval Enigma code during World War II. Historians credit his codebreaking with helping to shorten the war by two years and saving millions of lives. As the founding father of computer science and artificial intelligence, Turing laid the foundation for our modern world. Instead of receiving accolades, Alan Turing faced terrible persecution because he was gay. In 1952, the British Government forced him to undergo chemical castration as punishment for his homosexuality. In despair, Turing committed suicide. He was only 41 years old. CODEBREAKER is a drama-documentary that uses emotional and engaging reconstructions to bring Turing to life in intricate detail and high color. Built on a solid historical foundation of true events, Turing is our storyteller as he defiantly searches for answers. Documentary elements seamlessly interconnect with drama scenes to offer a three dimensional picture of Turing, his accomplishments, his tragic end, and his lasting legacy.

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Cast & Crew

  • Ed Stoppard - Actor
  • Henry Goodman - Actor


Craig Warner


Clare Beavan




  • Studio: Centaur Entertainment, Inc.
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Released: 9/7/2014
  • Run Time: 1hr 55min
  • Size: 1.44 GB (1080p HD), 0.75 GB (480p SD)
  • Format: WideScreen
  • HD: Includes 720p and 1080p

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