The Dark Place



Long estranged from his widowed mother, Keegan Dark is blessed with the uncanny ability to remember his life in videographic detail. This is a blessing and a curse, keeping him at odds with his family and loved ones.

Long estranged from his widowed mother, Keegan returns to the the heart of California's wine valley to make peace with his mother. With his boyfriend in tow, Keegan is surprised to learn that his mother has remarried. His family now includes a step-father and step-brother, who Keegan quickly surmises are up to no good.

Keegan's investigation into the step family's past is derailed when his mother drops into a coma, his boyfriend seemingly leaves him, and the local sheriff targets him as the most likely suspect. With allies scarce and time running out, Keegan must use his remarkable gift to unravel the harrowing mystery that endangers his life and those he loves.

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Jody Wheeler




  • Studio: Breaking Glass Pictures
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Released: 12/2/2014
  • Run Time: 0hr 0min
  • Size: 1.47 GB (1080p HD), 0.77 GB (480p SD)
  • Format: WideScreen
  • HD: Includes 720p and 1080p

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